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Dear EJCAP reader,


On behalf of the entire editorial and production team, we are delighted to announce the first online SPECIAL issue of the European Journal of Companion Animal Practice http://www.fecava.org/ejcap


Highlights -
This issue is dedicated to diagnostic imaging, a discipline that lends itself particularly well to online learning. Several top European experts on diagnostic imaging present their 'tips and tricks' on radiographic, arthroscopic and ultrasound examination of selected joints and abdominal organs. The articles will also provide you with an insight into the newer tools of CT and MRI to show how these can help to diagnose some more elusive conditions.

Interactive CPD - Like the first issues, it comes with all the advantages of rich media. Test your knowledge, watch the 'how to' videos, the interactive slideshows and the dynamic CT scans. It also features FECAVA news, where you can download the new poster on the prevention of antibiotic resistance, and listen to an exciting message from the Russian FECAVA Director Ilya Serada.

Focus on Spain - Finally, we've introduced a new section that will highlight one of the FECAVA member countries. This time, the focus is on Spain. Come and visit a veterinary practice in downtown Barcelona, or listen to how our Spanish colleagues are weathering the economical storm.

Feedback - Your opinion counts! As always, your feedback is very important to us. So please share your opinion with us (see feedback form on the back cover). EJCAP online is there for you; we're only here to make it better.


On behalf of FECAVA we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

Simon Orr
FECAVA President

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